MAC London Heathrow Duty Free Haul Summer 2009!

I know I haven't been posting much recently, that's because I've been so busy preparing to go back to the Philippines. I've now taken my 2 flights back to Manila - which isn't really my home yet. But I'm back to blogging though. :)

So here's what I got from the Duty Free at MAC Heathrow!

Creme de Miel eyeshadow

MSF Natural in Medium Dark

Satin Taupe eyeshadow

Creme de Miel - lovely light gold eyeshadow. This is limited edition from the Naked Honey collection for July 2009. Veluxe Pearl texture, but doesn't really glide on as well as most.

Medium Dark Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - I know I was using my bronzer to darken my MSFN in Medium before, but now I've tanned more since my trip to Thorpe Park and I've realised I don't want to look too orange applying too much bronzer... So I wanted to get a proper MSF for my current complexion.

Satin Taupe - I've been looking at this eyeshadow for aaages but always hesitated to get it since it was in the permanent line.. and with the 15% discount at the airport, I thought.. why not? I can't believe it took me this long to get this beautiful eyeshadow.. Its a lightly frosty taupe that looks just lovely, with its amazing texture too! A dream to apply on this one is. :)

I also saw Eclectic Edge lipglass there.. but I didn't get it. I'm kinda kicking myself for not taking it now!! >:(

But anyway that's my haul. Here are some swatches!

Creme de Miel, Satin Taupe, MSFN Medium Dark

... and comparing the shadows I got with my other ones...
Creme de Miel, Femme-Fi, Bronze, Satin Taupe

Hope this post was even just a bit useful ;) WHat were your latest hauls??

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  1. I love the bronze colors!!! <3 Please visit my blogspot~ CyanQueen.blogspot.com


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