LOOK: Pastel Green and Taupe

I dug out this Lancome 9-eyeshadow palette from my makeup stash. My mum gave it to me before I started loving makeup, and I did NOT like the colour pay off then. I thought it was really difficult to get the colours to show! Fast-forward 2 years later, I stumbled upon this while I was fixing up things, and decided to give it a go again - with my better brushes this time. My, I was surprised! This thing has some really good colours in it. I love the first row of shadows the most. I'm glad to take the palette back in my 'main' stash again. :)

Please excuse the growing brows!

I used:

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
Lancome eyeshadows: Grey-Taupe, Whitish-Gold, Pastel Green, Brown
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC Way to Love lipstick

I really thought this green shadow was a bit chalky and subtle, which makes it a wearable shade. So here's my look! I hope you liked it.

How often do you wear green eyeshadow? ♥


  1. i find it cool that you start liking something that you didnt like before.

    the palette looks so pretty. i also like how the green is subtle so its more wearable.

  2. Thanks girls!! ♥

    @Rebekkah 'Shopping your stash' is great... you recover long lost products and it doesn't cost a single penny! :D


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