Rimmel Lycra Pro Urban Princess Nail Polish Review

I was browsing around Boots today, and I found this:

I was intrigued by it's "New MAXI BRUSH" with which this nail polish line claims a 'Mistake free application'. I'm not really a 'nail-polish person' mainly because my university course doesn't really permit it, or rather, its best not to wear it in the hospital setting, you know? But I would wear nail polish if I was able to, or if I have the time to put it on, like now in the summer!

So why not, I picked a colour: Urban Princess, and I bought it. But when I got home and removed my old nailpolish, fixed my nails a bit and tried this on, I was really surprised. The Maxi brush really IS a MAXI BRUSH! Its probably about 2x the width of your usual nail polish brush... but it's a good thing. It fits my whole nail, and since the polish is soooo pigmented, I just needed one stroke to get these results:

So can you imagine how little time it took for me to put this on? About 30s for both hands! This product has changed my life in terms of wearing nail polish. I just can't believe it. It really is fool-proof.

Along with this ease in application, it dries quickly. It also claims to be long-wearing (~10days) and chip-resistant. I have not worn it long enough to see if that's true, but so far I really am happy with this.

I think I'm going to get a few more colours. For the price this costs, its well worth it! ♥


  1. Liv!! i wish theres a like button here like in facebook, hehee ur posts are always so cool. miss going shopping with u!

  2. @sherp: Hey, my bro just told me u sent me a letter! I'm going back to aunts on sat :) can't wait to see what u wrote me, I miss shopping with u too!! :(


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