REVIEW: Bourjois Coup de Theatre! 2 in 1 Mascara!!

I came across Bourjois' latest mascara, Coup de Theatre! 2 in 1, while I was at Boots looking for the Jemma Kidd brushes - which I now suspect aren't available at Boots anymore :(. Back to the main topic, I bought this mascara mainly for 3 reasons:

1. I was intrigued (especially by the packaging!).

2. It was discounted (£3 off!!).

3. It seems like its time to change my mascara again.

The mascara comes in a very sleek and sexy container with black and white stripes on the cap. It claims to give a False Lash Effect by combining both a lash primer and a mascara into 1 formula, thus its also less of a hassle putting mascara on compared to the 2 parts, and it saves time too.

The wand's a skinny wand, which makes it easier to use on the inner lashes and the smaller ones too. Here's a pic comparing the wands of Coup de Theatre! 2 in 1 vs my Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara:

I've tried this mascara - I'll post a picture of it on my lashes a bit later, and I can say that it does seem to give a lot of length. However, as for volume - not much compared to my False Lash Effect mascara. The formula is good though, doesn't flake or smudge, and keeps a curl. It also feels rather light on the lashes so your lids wont feel too heavy with this.

This mascara is good if you have short and full lashes that you just need some lengthening. But if you want thick looking lashes, I don't think this would be the mascara for you.

Hope this review helps! :)


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