Glamour Magazine: FREE Benefit BADGAL Mascara!

Every girl in the UK should be looking for this magazine this month, as it only costs £2, but comes with a free half-size sample of Benefit's famous BadGAL Mascara! At full price and full size, this mascara costs about £14.50, so its obviously a steal-er, a deal- to get it free with a magazine! I'm so happy I found this copy, though it was the only one left when I looked at my nearest Borders shop.

Thank you to BUBBLEGARM for the heads up! :)


  1. wow only $ 2 that's a snatch !!

    hopefully they still have that copy here in NYC * crosses fingers*
    how was the badGAL mascara did you like it?

  2. oh lucky. i just got my glamour magazine in the mail (from the states) =( and it didnt come with a free mascara! darn U.S!

  3. @Karen: I haven't tried the mascara yet... however I've just read reviews and apparently it makes your lashes feel heavy and smudges a bit :s But we'll see once I get to using that one! :D I've just found my MAC Loud Lash mascara which I haven't used much, and I'm loving that one! :D

    @MK: Aww... I'm sorry to hear that! The offer's probably just for the UK! :(


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