Gifts from Cathy: Wild Cherry Body Butter + The Aquilon Ensemble CD

I mentioned in our day out post that my friend Cathy got me a few stuff, and I just wanted to share my thoughts on them with you. :)

Here's the Body Shop's Wild Cherry body butter. I've been wanting to get this for ages! I was just waiting till the next sale or until I run out before I grab it. However, Cathy and I dropped by the Body Shop in our day out, and she decided to get 2 mini ones: one for herself and one for me!

I just looooove this scent. It's so yummy and sweet! The bf didn't really like it though, he said that it smelled as though I bathed in candy - but that's why I like it lol. If you haven't had a look or a sniff of this stuff yet, you better! It's really soo yummy!

Here's the second gift she gave me: A CD of her friends' music concert, violinist-pianist duo of Eulalie Charland and Maiko Mori - The Aquilon Ensemble. I love listening to classical music, and these songs, I have never heard the songs before. The pieces were beautifully played and I enjoy listening to the playlist.

Here's the list of songs you could check out!

Franz Schubert Sonata g minor:
1. Allegro giusto
2. Andante
3. Menuetto
4. Allegro moderato

Clara Schumann Two Romances
5. Andante molto
6. Liedenschaftlich schnell

Maurice Ravel Sonata for violin and piano
7. Allegreto
8. Blues
9. Perpetuum mobile

Many thanks to my sweet friend Cathy for these gifts! :D


  1. I bet the scent is just amazing like you described it.

  2. @Becky: Yes it is.. You should check it out if you can! :)

  3. i also have the cherry body butter i get it on my birthday, it smells so jummy jummy :-D


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