LOOK: Glowy Beach Look

This is a glowy look I did the other day. At first I decided to try curling my hair with the Flat Iron my bf got me for Vday (for the first time since I'm really a noob when it comes to my hair...), and then I thought, why not add bronzy makeup for that boho beach look? I was quite happy with the results and wanted to share them with you! Let me know what you think :)

I used...

All products by MAC unless stated otherwise ^_^

Olay moisturiser
Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium - buffed on face
Refined Golden Bronzer - lightly dusted all over face + darker for contour
Fun n Games beauty powder blush - on cheek apples

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara - I defo like this a lot more than the Bourjois! This is probably my favourite mascara to date.

Pink Cabana lipstick - LE, like a darker version of Lollipop Loving. :)

As you can tell from the list, I didn't use many products to achieve this look! And its quick and simple to apply to do. This is probably my fav look for the summer, as you don't wanna look and feel cakey melting with the summer heat. This was also an experiment using the bronzer all over my face, and since its a success, I no longer lem for a darker MSFN for the summer! Yay! (Saves money :D)

- So if you've tanned and you feel like your previous foundation is too light for you, before going to the shops to get darker shade of foundation, try lightly dusting a not-too-shimmery bronzer all over your face and see if that works instead! It saves money PLUS it also gives you that glowy effect.

Did you like this look? Any comments? What do you think? ♥


  1. hey hunny; you look simply gorgeous.
    this is such a great look to wear in the summertime love it !

  2. oh this is a great look . while blog hopping i think by far this is one of my fav looks :) youre gorgeous! :)

  3. Thanks girls, you're both too sweet! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. ;) let's go to the beach xx


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