Date with Cathy!

I went out with my friend, Cathy, today. I haven't seen her in ages! So it was good catching up. We walked around Leicester Square-Covent Garden-Tottenham Court road area. .. A way to enjoy London without spending too much money - we hardly spent any at all!

So we first met up at Leicester Square about 6ish since she had just come back from a trip to see her friend's piano/violin concert. I couldn't attend the concert since it was out of London and I felt that if I went, I'd get lost by myself Lol. Apparently she has other concerts too so I'll watch some other time. Cathy got me a CD copy of the songs though, and I'm listening to the songs right now. Its lovely, really amazing music!

Sorry I got side-tracked lol, but anyway, so we met up at Leicester Square to first get some ice-cream! We went to Ben & Jerry's and Cathy recommended I try her favourite ice-cream: Chunky Monkey - its a banana-flavoured ice cream with fudge chunks & walnuts - Delicious!! I also got another scoop of ice cream - Cherry Garcia, I've found my new love for cherry ice cream from my day out with Laura :P

Eating our ice creams in cones, we walked to Covent Garden to watch a music show by volunteers - it was amazing. This group had 4 violinists, 1 double bass player and 1 flutist. They played several pieces including Canon by Pachelbel and the Can Can song! It was just lovely listening to the beautiful music live - I'm actually thinking of going to Covent Garden just to listen. Apparently volunteers play there every afternoon of every day!

After that, we walked around some more and got to the LUSH shop. I was thinking of getting one of the face masks they had, but they need refrigerating and my fridge is shared so I didn't get any. Maybe next time?

She showed me her favourite shops, and we also stopped by the Body Shop. Both of us were eyeing the Wild Cherry Body Butter that I introduced to her, but I already decided to wait until the sale or until I run out of mine before I get it. However, I was really surprised when she went to the till with 2 mini-sized ones - she bought one for me too! I really wanted to pay her back but she said it was a gift. She's so lovely.

We walked a bit more, and I started to become a bit tired and hungry - dinner was soon. We met up with Lani who had just come from work in the hospital, and decided to eat at Josephine's Restaurant in Tottenham Court road. It's a quaint restaurant specialising in Filipino cuisine. Yum! Probably the best Filipino restaurant in London! I'll write more about that in another post. :)

So that was my day, I had so much fun. Can't wait till we go out again, I love hanging out with friends. ♥

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