Cumulative Haul in the Last Week

I bought a few stuff in the last week.

Playful (eBay), Humid, Freshwater, Refined Golden bronzer

Playful eyeshadow - this is from the Barbie collection back in 2008 (I think), and hence the Barbie head embossed into the powder. I wasn't into MAC then yet so I missed it out. However, I found this at eBay for a pretty good deal so I decided to get it!

Humid eyeshadow - I've been wanting to do a smokey green eye for ages! Now I can. Its a frost finish so it goes on pretty vibrant, and well.. frosty! :)

Freshwater eyeshadow - Perfect blue for summer. Great for smokey blue eyes too. Amazing veluxe pearl texture! I used this to line my eyes in a recent look.

Refined Golden bronzer - I've heard good things about this stuff. I never took notice before.. but when I swatched it, the colour is gorgeous. Tanned brown with flecks of gold - but not shimmery. The powder is also really soft and easy to blend. I'm so happy I picked this one up in pretty packaging too!

So there's me justifying what I bought lol. All the colours are really vibrant, and in my opinion, it was well worth it. Have you bought any beauty related things recently?


  1. Nice haul! The eyeshadows are gorgeous as well as Refined Golden bronzer!

  2. @FabDiva20: Why, thank you! :D


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