MAC Rose Romance Haul + Swatches!!

I picked up a few things from the MAC Rose Romance collection today. I thought the collection was very feminine, and very pretty. :) I only bought 1 lipstick and 1 eyeshadow since I already asked my dad to get me a few things from America as my family is spending their vacation there. I asked my dad to get me A Way To Love lipstick and Summer Rose beauty powder - I don't know when I will be able to get these goodies, but I can't wait to! Haha :) Well anyway, continue to read to find out my lil haul. :)

Initially, my lil haul list comprised of A Rose Romance lipstick, Steal My Heart lipglass and Fix+ Rose.

I loved A Rose Romance lipstick when I first saw it, and more when I tried it on so I got that one. I topped it up with Steal My Heart lipglass, and that combo was really pretty. ♥ However, looking at it on the tube, it reminded me a lot of Strawberry Blonde lipglass from the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection (which I already have) so I decided to skip it.

I glanced at the eyeshadows, I thought they were quite boring - except for Silverthorn. Based on swatches already on the internet, I thought it would be like Electra eyeshadow from the permanent line, which I have. However, seeing it in person, I thought it was a blueish-silver that's really pretty! I haven't seen anything like it so I took that one too. Creme de Violet eyeshadow was pretty too, but that's in the permanent line so I'll skip for now.

I was curious about Fix+ Rose since I have never tried the original Fix+ either. The MA offered to spritz some of it on my face, and it was immediately a no for me. I thought my face felt sticky after that - and I don't think she spritzed too much either. I'll keep thinking about it though.. might do well for foiling eyeshadows. What do you think?

Well anyway, so I got A Rose Romance lipstick and Silverthorn eyeshadow. Here are swatches of them! A Rose Romance on the left and Silverthorn on the right. :)

I hope this post was useful!


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