MAC Trip Goodies!

Hi guys! I know I haven't been updating my blog much, but that's because I have exams in 4 weeks. And if you know about medical school, 4 weeks isn't even enough to cover the amount of stuff to learn! There's just so much. But hey, atleast I have something for you guys to look at in the meantime, till my next update, which might not be soon! :(

So I got the Bronze Eye/Cheek palette. Its extremely pretty and very wearable. All the colours in the palette have good pay-off! I can't wait to wear these out - which might not be anytime soon since I'm so busy :(

But here are swatches!

L to R: Eversun bpb, Oak lip pencil (this came with my haul), Magic Dust e/s, Elite e/s, Smut e/s

I just love this palette :) Were you able to get your hands on it? What do you think? ♥

ps. Wish me luck for my exams!


  1. Good luck on your exams in 4 weeks! I'm sure you'll do fine! The swatches of the Bronze Eye and Cheek palette is awesome! I'd just wish that I can get it now but can't atm.

  2. Dear FabDiva20,

    thanks. I need all the luck I can get!!

  3. thanks for the swatches! what a perfect everyday palette!

  4. Whit,

    You're welcome! Glad to help :)


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