MAC Dear Cupcake Eyeshadow

So yes, I gave in. I bought it. :)

When I went back to the MAC store to have a look at stuff, I decided to swatch this eyeshadow again and it didn't seem as like it had a 'bad pay-off' as it did when I checked out MAC's Sugarsweet collection the first time!

Dear Cupcake is a pretty coral pink shadow with a gold-ish sheen and a satin texture. Similar to a matte, but more blendable IMO. This colour would be great for an everyday or even work look. I can't wait to wear it out! Probably in my next FOTD? Maybe? ♥


  1. I have Dear Cupcake and the color is pretty and I am trying to love it again. Also, I ordered Red Velevet shadestick for DC to show up more. I should get more shadesticks if they are not sold out yet lol

  2. Just stopping by. :] Can't wait to see what looks you'll create with this eyeshadow.


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