MAC Hello Kitty Review

After a long wait, the Hello Kitty collection has finally arrived in the UK! And I finally got to check it out. To be honest though, I thought it was a letdown. I didn't feel that it was as good as the hype made it out to be. Although, the packaging's really pretty! Here are my thoughts on the collection:

Eyeshadow Quads:
I thought these were the stand-outs for this collection - although many say they are dupe-able. I don't have as many eyeshadows as most beauty bloggers so these colours weren't too boring for me. I bought the Too Dolly quad, but the Lucky Tom quad's not bad either.

Cute-ster - this was my fav although it is on the sheer side. Unlike many other bloggers, I like lustre lipsticks since they feel so moisturising on the lips. This colour gives my lips a peachy-pink tint.

Fashion Mews - a much lighter, sparklier, frostier version of Lavender Whip cremesheen. The colour's very unique and quite opaque for a glaze lipstick. This would do well with smokey eyes! I picked this one up too.

Strayin' - this is the hot pink that comes out with almost every MAC collection. Reminds me a lot of Gladiola but only frosty as opposed to being a matte. Made me think of Rocking Chick too from the Barbie collection. I have those other two lipsticks I mentioned so I gave this one a pass.

Big Bow - the Fun n Sexy (from Fafi) of this collection. Bright pink with blue sparkles. Although not as "Fun n Sexy" as the Fun n Sexy lipstick in my opinion.

Most Popular - a very wearable pink-maroon lustre. Kinda pretty. I would get this one if I wore dark lips a lot.

Fresh Brew - I thought looked like poo. :( so I didn't even bother. It's part of the permanent line so I can leave it til later to check it out, if I feel like it.

These didn't do much for me. Like other bloggers have said, these are quite on the sheer side. I thought I would be getting She Loves Candy but when I wore it, it seemed just like clear gloss. Sparkles weren't too obvious. Might check the lipglosses out again and give them a second chance next week!

Beauty Powder Blushes:
I wanted to love these :( But I thought the colours were just alright. Nothing special.

Fun n Games didn't do much for my skin apart from giving shimmers.

Tippy is a bright blue-pink pink blush. You need a light hand with this as its quite pigmented. Might pick this one up next week.

Beauty Powders didn't do anything for me. I'm not into false lashes so I didn't check those out. Not into Glitter Liners either - as they don't come off easily and I'm too lazy to use oil-based makeup removers. And for the nail polishes.. well, MAC's not really known to have really good ones so I'll save my money for cheaper and better quality nailpolishes. :)

Credit: Swatches from rocketqueen's blog


  1. The beauty powders is a must! I use it over blush. Today I used Fun & Games with Tahitian Sand and it looked gorgeous! I love Cute Ster too and pair it with Mimmy and it's amazing! Also, for their TLC's, you must get them!!!!!! Pink Fish and Popster is A MUST!

  2. Lol you're such an enabler ;) I love it. heheh. I just had a second look at MAC again and bought a few more stuff. Hello Kitty haul part 2 pics coming soon. I think the beauty powders are just too unpigmented.. I mean they don't look much different from my MSFN. Mimmy seems to make Cute Ster look less amazing in my opinion.. and the TLCs.. I love the colours but I don't really want dipping my dirty fingers in them lol.


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