MAC Hello Kitty Haul

Here's my humble Hello Kitty haul! I didn't get much coz there weren't many items that I thought were must-haves. Might have a second round next week though, but we'll see. :)

What is your favourite product from this collection?

Too Dolly Quad

Cute-ster and Fashion Mews


  1. Nice HK haul! My favorite is Cute Ster, Mimmy, Fun & Games and Tahitian Sand. Now that we have HKK out, I only got one dazzleglass and will get another dazzleglass next week.

  2. Dear FabDiva20,

    You're a Mild Kitty ;) I like Cute Ster but its not really love. I have a feeling I might go back for Fun & Games just for the glowy effect. I don't think I'll be able to afford the dazzleglasses though :( Way too expensive.


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