MAC Hello Kitty Haul Part 2

Okay, despite me saying in my review that I thought this collection was just so so, I still ended up doing a bit of damage. Its just that I felt threatened when I saw on the MAC website that in less than 1 week, the products that were on my 'maybe' list were already sold out! So I traveled to my nearest MAC counter (one in Westfield) and bought the ones on my maybe list. Well, if I change my mind I can always sell it right? Or give them to my lil sis :)

So here's what I got:

Tippy Blush
Nice Kitty lipglass
Strayin' lipstick
Big Bow lipstick

The Hello Kitty embossed on the lipsticks is soo cuute!


  1. I knew you was going to go back to your MAC store and get more Hello Kitty lol I have Strayin' and haven't touched it yet. Tippy is so pretty to use on the apples of your cheeks.

  2. :D Yes, I'm guilty. I have a feeling I'm going to my MAC store for a 3rd visit too.. :P


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