MAC Grand Duos Collection Review

I got to see the Grand Duo collection of mineralized blushes yesterday when I stopped by MAC at Westfield. The colours are just super-pretty, however I thought they were also super-shimmery. Each of these had 1 marbled side for highlighting and 1 solid side which was really pigmented for blush. If I had one of these I'd probably be annoyed if bits from the marbled side went over to the solid side and vice versa (lol OCD?). But nevertheless, the colours are SO pretty. I've already spent a bit on the Hello Kitty collection so I guess these are for my eyes only :( Until they're sold out. *BIG Sigh*

My favourites were Moon River and Love Rock. I love pinks!♥

See pics!

Grand Duo


Love Rock

Hot Planet

Earth to Earth

Moon River

Light Over Dark

They're sooo pretty :( *drools*

I got these from the MAC website. For once, pretty accurate pics of the products on online MAC!

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