Lookie what came in through the post!

I know its a bit late for MAC Heatherette, but which lipstick is it? ;)

So yea, it is bit late but I just got my Lollipop Loving lipstick! It's from the Heatherette collection last March 2008. Ever since I decided not to get it before it sold out last year, I've been regretting. Now that its coming back with the Sugarsweet collection this May, I was wanting it in special packaging even more! So when I saw a pretty good deal in ebay, I snatched it. And here it is ♥

It's a really wearable coral shade with goldish-green shimmers. So subtle, and yet so pretty :)

I can't wait to wear this out!


  1. I've been wanting Lollipop Loving for awhile too and I also want to get Fleshpot from the Heatherette Collection. I own Sock Hop that will compliment Lollipop Loving.

  2. At least you can get Lollipop Loving when Sugarsweet is out. Fleshpot is available at MACPro though if you really want it. Although being a MAC collector, I would rather both be in special packaging :D


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