Creme Team Cremesheen Lipstick Swatches!

So I caved. And bought it. The cremesheen lipstick that almost every beauty blogger is currently raving about. And I have no regrets. Its probably the most wearable shade of purple that any lipstick can get! Lavender Whip. (well, that and Fashion Mews from the upcoming MAC Hello Kitty collection. And I think I might get that one as well. :3)

Pics after the jump!

This is my first creamsheen lipstick, and its from MAC's Creme Team collection. I just love the finish. In my opinion, it has the creaminess of a Lustre but the pigmentation of an Amplified Cream. I just love it! Hope I don't cave and get Creme Cup as well - the other cremesheen I'm eye-ing at the moment :o

Here's a lil swatch photo of a few of the cremesheen lipsticks in this launch:

Snob (not from launch), Crosswires, Lavender Whip, Creme Cup

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