Bourjois Smokey Eye Brush vs. MAC 239 Brush

Bourjois Smokey Eye Brush

I've been using this brush quite often since I bought it a month ago from Superdrug. I actually was getting impatient waiting for the MAC's Brunette Blonde Redhead collection to be released in the UK and decided to get this brush which I thought would be similar to the 214 Limited Edition smudge brush in that particular collection.

I feel that the brush is pretty good for both quality and function-wise especially for its price at £4.65. This brush, a dark-coloured shadow and mascara would already be sufficient to create a sexy, sultry smokey-eye look!

Here are pics comparing it to a MAC 239 brush:

From above:

As you can see from the first pic, the smokey eye brush bristles are about 1/3 length of that a 239 brush, and more densely and precisely packed compared to the 239 which enables it to do it's smudgy effect.

In terms of bristle quality, the brush is not scratchy at all. Quite soft. My eyes are pretty happy with it.

I pick up a bit of shadow on it and then use it on my upper and/or lower lash lines. After experimenting with it further, I realised that this brush has the potential to define the eye crease, and it may also be used as a short lid shader brush! Pretty multi-tasking :)

So all in all, I believe this is a really good drugstore find! Yay for Superdrug and the Bourjois Smokey Eye brush! ♥


  1. hiya....i am hunting high and low for this bourjois brush...
    i was thinking the exact thing for the 214 brush...
    may i ask at which superdrug you found the brush in?? I live in London too...
    Thanks millions!

  2. Hi Karen,

    I bought it from the Superdrug at Uxbridge, Northwest end of the Piccadilly line. I was there for my Hillingdon Hospital attachment so I got to visit that one. I don't know where else they might have it, have you tried the Superdrug at High Street Ken? Thats a pretty massive one.

    Hope you find it!



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