LOOK: Coral Polyp & Splendid

Here's a simple face with Coral Polyp l/s and Splendid l/g on top. I love this combo. Actually, I love all the lippies from that collection. Also especially since my darling bf surprised me with getting me all of them (except Kanga Rouge) for my Christmas present! I'm a lucky one! :)

I used...

All products by MAC unless stated otherwise ^_^

MSFN in Medium
Emote for contour
Pink Swoon on apples - just a bit left.. most of its faded from during the day

Max Factor Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara - my new HG mascara great length, perfect wand!

Coral Polyp l/s
Splendid l/g

I love this lip combo... what do you think??


  1. So pretty! Coral Polyp and Splendid make a great lipstick/lipglass combination!


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