I did this smokey blue-eyed look for a birthday dinner of one of my good friends at the Sports Cafe at Haymarket in Piccadilly Circus. I was quite happy about this one!

I used... (all MAC unless otherwise noted):

Olay Total Effects Moisturiser
Studio Fix Fluid in NC25
Maybelline Purestay Powder in Pure Ivory - to set the liquid foundation

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - I looove this! My eyeshadow lasted all night without creasing!
Soft Ochre paint pot - as eyeshadow base
Blue Flame e/s - patted with the 239 brush to the outer 2/3s of lid and just below crease
Warming Trend e/s - to blend the harsh line of Blue Flame on the crease with the 217 brush
Solar White e/s - as under-brow highlight and inner 1/3 of lid
Mystery kohl power on lower waterline
Plushlash Plush Black Mascara

Sweetness beauty powder blush

Fleshpot lipstick with
Love Nectar lustreglass on top

I went out with my bro to see G today. We played Metal Gear Solid 4 pretty much the whole afternoon and then ate at Nando's for dinner at Uxbridge. It was a pretty good day. Here's my fotd:

Here's what I used (all MAC unless otherwise stated)

Olay Complete Defense Moisturizer
Studio Fix Fluid in NC25
Maybelline Purestay Powder in Pure Ivory - to set the liquid foundation

Blacktrack fluidline to line the upper & lower lash lines
Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack

Emote blush to contour
Hipness blush on apples

Electro lipstick
It's the first time I've tried doing cat-eyes and wearing them outside my house - and I guess the results weren't too bad!

Read to see what I used (All MAC unless otherwise noted)

Olay Moisturiser
Studio Fix Fluid in NC25
Maybelline Purestay Powder in Pure Ivory - to set the liquid foundation

Blacktrack Fluidline - I used a small angled brush to line my eyes + wing
Plushlash Plushblack Mascara

Pink Swoon Blush (on apples)
Emote Blush (contour)

Plink! l/s
Clear Lipgloss (non-MAC)
As the post title says, I've done a small bit of shopping today, where I bought my Petticoat Mineralized Skinfinish from MAC at Selfridges in Oxford Street and my Too Faced Shadow Insurance from the Boots shop at Piccadilly Circus. It wasn't just me who did a bit of shopping - I was with my boyfriend who had to exchange something at the Apple store at Regent Street. Aside from swapping cables, he also got himself his own treat from the Apple store. After shopping, we had dinner at this Vietnamese restaurant where we ate once before, at Chinatown - I just keep forgetting the restaurant's name!

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Petticoat is my first MSF. I used to wonder what was so good about the MSF's - since I know a lot of people looove and collect these. So I went to the store with curiosity and swatched it on the back of my hand - and OMG it is really pretty! Petticoat's a frosty pink colour with gold shimmer - it can be used as a highlight colour, but with this pigmentation, I can see it being used as a blush! I really can't wait to try it on my cheeks!

Here's a close-up of it:

I also swatched So Ceylon and Soft and Gentle MSF's (I rubbed them away before I thought of taking a photo of them), but I thought Petticoat was the prettiest of the 3 (and I'm a sucker for pinks too :o) so that's what I got.

About TFSI, I've been having problems with my eyeshadow creasing during the day. I have been using MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot as an eyeshadow base, but sadly it creases on me :( I've been researching on the internet for a product that could sort this problem out and the most popular ones I've found were Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I found out that TFSI was more creamy in consistency compared to UDPP and TFSI's tube container was a lot better than the UDPP genie bottle which apparently needs 'surgery' cutting open the bottle to get most of the hidden product out. However, TFSI was a bit more expensive than UDPP - but I didn't want the hassle of cutting open the UDPP bottle so I bought that one instead. I hope TFSI works for me!

After shopping and the dinner, G and I went over to Laura's flat where she had her early birthday/house-warming party! :)

Dame Edna is another MAC collection that's got me drooling over the products (well not really, but you know what I mean). It's said to launch on the 26th of December, 2008 in the US - and I hope they also release it in the UK!!

Here's a preview of the collection. All credit goes to Specktra.net

Read on to see collection details!

Lipstick (LE)

* Kanga-rouge – Creamy dark blue red (amplified creme)
* Gladiola – Matte mid-tone blue pink (matte)
* Coral polyp – Creamy mid-tone coral (amplified creme)

Lipglass (LE)

* Hot Frost – Sheer mid-tone blue pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)
* Splendid – Frosty pale pinky coral (frost)
* Possum Nose Pink – Sheer bright coral with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)

Eye Shadow Trio (LE)

Royal Tour Eye Trio

* Royal Tour – Mid-tone cool lilac (satin)
* Dame’s Desire – Frosty mid-tone reddish purple (frost)
* Climate Blue – Dark blue violet with pink pearlized pigments (velvet) (Repromote from Cool Heat)

Wisteria Eye Trio

* Fineshine - Frosty true-silver (lustre) (Repromote from Lustrevision)
* Wisteria – Frosty robin’s egg blue (velvet)
* Divine Night – Frosty charcoal with silver pearlized pigments (velvet)

Highlight Powder (LE)

* What a Dame! – Pale orangey pink
* Spectacle – Pale soft pink

Nail Lacquer (LE)

* Asiatique – Creamy classic red (creme) (Repromote from Ornamentalism)
* Varicose Violet – Frost mid-tone pinkish purple (frost)

I'm eye-ing Gladiola or Coral Polyp lipsticks, Hot Frost or Splendid lipglasses and one of the highlight powders! These all look sooo pretty!!! Grrr MAC!

I did this FOTD when I went to see my friends for an after-lunch snack last week + walking around central London. Hope you likey~!

Read on to see what I used + another face shot:

Olay Complete Defense Moisturiser
Studio Fix Fluid in NC25
Emote Blush to contour cheeks
Hipness Blush for colour

Soft Ochre Paint Pot as base
Smoke & Diamonds e/s on inner 2/3s of lid
Blue Flame e/s on outer 1/3 of lid
Feline Kohl Power on waterline/lower lashline
Plush Black Plushlash mascara

Pleasureseeker l/s
Love Nectar l/g

Many people were wondering whether the orange packaging for the Manish Arora collection were just recycled neon orange cases from the Neo Sci Fi collection just released on summer this year.

I only got lipsticks from the Neo Sci Fi collection, and I'm pleased to say that I don't think the Manish Arora packaging were 'recycled'.

IMO, the Manish Arora packaging (the lipstick bullet cases at least) are a bit more reddish-orange than that of the Neo Sci Fi ones.

I knew that MAC was launching its Manish Arora collection at Harrod's today, so straight after my firms at Chelsea and Westminster hospital, I head straight for Knightsbridge!

Thinking of the colours I liked, colours I'm likely to wear and my bank account too of course, I ended up with the following items:

Girl About Town lipstick, Pink Manish lipglass and Pink Swoon blush.

Although Girl About Town and Pink Swoon are also in the permanent line, I've been wanting to get these for ages, but now that they're out in special packaging, why not get them now?

Pink Manish, however like the rest of the collection, is a limited edition colour. Its a very pretty pink, somewhat a hot pink when i swatch it, with multi-coloured glitter.

I'm really happy about my purchases (the pinks). Only thing I hope I wont do is regret not getting some of the other stuff (the reds)!

Devil blush was really tempting as it was a really unique shade - an intense red-orange blusher. But yea, I found it way too intense to actually wear in a look... maybe if applied in tiny amounts, it might look good.. but oh well.

Kiss Manish lipstick was calling to me as it was a really pretty frosty mid-tone burnt red as it is described on the website. I love MAC's frost lipsticks, but I only limited myself to one lipstick - and I don't regret getting Girl About Town instead. But Kiss Manish really is pretty!

I didn't bother trying Shine Manish on since I already decided I was getting the pinks, so I can't really say much about it. And I guess its also a good thing I didn't look at it so I don't think about it anymore! :P

The Manish Arora Eyeshadow Palette was really pretty and had a diversity of 6 really vibrant colours, however, I thought that I might not really use the colours much (as bright as they are) and that I also prefer my eyeshadows in round pots rather than in rectangular palettes.

So that's my haul and thoughts on the products of the collection, and thoughts justifying not buying those I didn't get! (and I'm quite proud I was able to resist the palette.)
Yay! I'm finally back! I left my old laptop in the Philippines while I got a new one here in the UK (Dell has new amazing deals!) and so for 1.5weeks of waiting for this new one to arrive, I barely had internet access. But I'm now back, in London, and very happy.

I got back in the morning of the 22nd of September - the Monday my clinical attachment at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital began! So to not miss a whole day, after about 40 hours of traveling, I traveled almost 2 hrs on London public transpo and went in the hospital for the afternoon session at 2 PM. When my firms finished at 5, I went to see my boyfriend who was at Hillingdon (so that's another almost 2 hrs away from central London), and he treated me to a yummy cheese-y dinner at Pizza Hut at Uxbridge! (cheese-y in the sense that our pizza had loads of cheese... I was craving that).

After dinner, my boyfriend brought me home (about an hour away from Uxbridge) and as you can imagine I was really knackered when I got home. I basically K.O.'d, but had to get up at 6 AM the next day to get enough time to get ready and be at the hospital again for 9.

These days of long travels are really tiring, but I feel rather good though. Learning at the hospital and being able to see my boyfriend every now and then make me really happy. =)