MAC Haul from Chill and the Permanent Line

I bought a few stuff from the Chill collection on my last day in central London, and also a few eyeshadows from the duty free at Heathrow airport. For stuff in the permanent line, I found that its best to wait to get it at the airport if I will be dropping by there soon as items are about 15% off. With limited edition stuff its different though as they tend to sell out quickly at the airport.

From the Chill collection:
Snowscene lipglass - soo pretty and sparkly! really unique
Wintersky e/s - I plan to use this on New Year's Eve

From perm line:
Goldmine e/s - I've been lemming this for AAGESS
Cork e/s - makes a good neutral crease shadow
Copperplate e/s - a really good grey crease shadow also, would look good with Wintersky. I love its texture!!

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