MAC Chill Collection Review

Exams just finished yesterday and so I was able to view the latest MAC collection today, called Chill. I brought my bf with me as usual - he helps me pick out which few items would be must-haves and he acts like the little voice in my head that keeps me from spending too much! However, the colours were just tooo pretty! The eyeshadows are perfect for the frosty winter season. I felt that the lipglasses were the stars of the collection though. It was so difficult to choose just one! I ended up with Wintersky eyeshadow and Snowscene lipglass. Here's what I thought of some of the items in the collection.


Vellum is a white shadow with purple duochrome that reminded me of UV-lights! :o
Wintersky is a very pretty frosty light pink - seems like its going to be a very wearable colour.
Artic Grey really tempted me... its a pretty frosty silver-taupe - if that makes sense. It reminds me of Smoke & Diamonds from the Starflash collection which I already have.
Apres-ski seems like it would be a nice crease colour. But the texture sucks! I swatched Copperplate shadow which is similar but with a much smoother texture, so I might get that one instead.
Mont Black is definitely Black Tied, but with less sparkles which were gold instead of silver. Very pretty though. But I already have Black Tied.


Icescape is sheer pale pink colour which had a slightly darker pink shine. Its super pretty. My bf and I were struck in awe once I swatched this. :P
Naked Frost is a frosty taupe shade which was also really pretty.
Frozen Dream is a frosty rosey-mauve pink colour; I thought the shade of pink was similar to Sweetie lipstick. I really wanted this lipglass though, but I was convinced I didn't need it.
Snowscene is a frosty opaque white with fine pink and blue-green reflects. The prettiest and most unique among the lipglasses IMO.

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