Dame Edna for MAC

The MAC Dame Edna collection is meant to come out today on the MAC website but so far not yet. It has been out since last week on the US site though, so some people were already able to get it. Here are few swatches I found on the world wide web! :)

Kanga Rouge Gladiola Coral Polyp

Possum Nose Pink Splendid Hot Frost

Asiatique Varicose Violet

Wisteria Eye Trio

Royal Tour Eye Trio

I know I already have enough pinks and I lack in the coral lip department so I'm eye-ing Possum Nose Pink or Splendid l/g and Coral Polyp l/s. Although Gladiola and Hot Frost look really pretty >_< .Varicose Violet also looks like a really nice and unique nail polish - as unique as its name probably! :P

Source for l/s, l/g
Source for e/s, nailpolish


  1. i like fineshine! and dame's desire!

  2. Livi i wonder which one's ur gonna get xD

  3. Yea i do wonder which ones i'm gonna get.. :o they all look sooo pretty - really hard to decide! i'm liking the wisteria trio too.. and hot frost would probably look so hot on Gladiola too. eeeeeeeee :(


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