Christmas Eve

Today was pretty hectic! I woke up late (11ish), had lunch, delivered a gifts, went to salon with my sis to have our eyebrows threaded, had a nice massage, n rushed home at 6 to get ready for the party at 7!

I put makeup on my sister, then myself, and once she was ready, I put some on my mum. Everyone complemented my works and that made me really happy. Its because I know I'm not that good at applying makeup yet, I just keep practicing. And I really enjoy it as you can see on my blog! I'll post the looks I made later on. :)

At half 7, my family friends came. It was really good to see them as I've been away for ages! Food was really good. Most of them was prepared by us as we hosted the party at our place, and some food was brought in pot-luck style. Really yummy dinner. I'll miss this food when I go back to London! After dinner, we went off to another family friends' house to have dessert. Left a bit before midnight. I got to talk to my honey till early in the morning and catch up on Skip Beat! too. :)

with my sis
my siblings and I
Mimi and me
bro n i

My Christmas eve was pretty good. I enjoyed it. How was yours?..


  1. mmmmm scrumptious food!!!
    yay for the fun gatherings and dinners! we still need some chat time to catch up with each other!

    we didnt do much for christmas eve hehe

    oh and the make-up, as i always say, is AWESOME. i need to buy makeup remover, so i can go crazy experimenting!

  2. I rele like the last foto with u and ur bro! u look mesmorising.....oi ur making me dribble :P

  3. Sel:

    Yea you SHOULD get a makeup remover and experiment! Its really fun! :D

    ... ♥ thanks honii :)


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