"Red", She Said Haul & Review

The day I've long been waiting for has finally arrived! The 2008 Holiday collection out at the London MAC stores! I was really excited to finish lectures today, so when they did, my bf and I went straight for Selfridges.

When I got there, the first thing I looked at were the brush sets. I was thinking about getting the face brush set before - 4 MAC brushes for the price of £40. However, when I felt the bristles, I suppose you do get what you pay for. They were nothing in comparison to the real ones!!! The li'l red 187 was awful :( The bristles were very tough nylon-y and un-soft. I guess more money saved for me! :D

The next thing I looked at were the blushes! Or should I say one of the two. I swatched Stark Naked beauty powder blush and it was beautiful :) The perfect mid-toned, raspberry pink with golden sparkles - not OTT though. I ♥ it. I couldn't find Enough Said though so it bugged me. I decided to ask the MA's if they knew where it was and OMG, it was already sold out! And its the first day it was out at Selfridges as well!! I tried to refrain my jaw from dropping (and thankfully that was a success!). I assume though that some other customers pre-ordered it already that's why it was sold out so quickly. :s

Of the Mineralized Eye Shadow Trios, I really liked Threesome (Frosty burnt red/copper pearl stripe/frosty mid-tone pink) and Danger Zone. However, I had my mind already set up for Danger Zone so that's all I got. I wanted Danger Zone especially for the red in it. Apparently, red pigments (in general) contain a dye that is unsafe for the eye area - however, this one was safe, and one that is safe isn't easy to come across - which is why I got it.

I was a bit bummed out by the fact that Enough Said was already sold out and I didn't get to see it. My bf then agreed to go with me to the MAC shop at High Street Kensington to see if it was there :) (awww sweet... haha) ANYWAY, they had the whole collection there. And there wasn't as much chaos there as there was at Selfridges (thank goodness!).

I walked up to the display and looked at Enough Said beauty powder blush. I must say on the pan, it looks just like the perfect bronzer for fair-skinned people with a good amount of gold shimmer too. But when I swatched Enough Said on the back of my hand, it was a sparkly yellowish colour with a hint of orange. It wasn't that amazing, thought it would make me more yellow than I already am! :P

However, bf suggested I try a lip look. He chose the l/s Red, She Said and that to top it with Love Alert d/g. I tried it on and the combo was gorgeous! (oh no!) I thought about it and about the few red lipsticks in my collection that I don't really wear often. I decided to find out if I can dupe the lip look, but got sucked into getting Love Alert. Love Alert is a raspberry pink l/g with very fine red glitter. It really is so pretty!

So in the end, I got Stark Naked bpb, Danger Zone MES & Love Alert d/g. I also bought the MAC Brush Cleaner too, at least I know with this stuff, my brushes are safe. :)

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