LOOK: Red Lip Experiment No. 1 - Port Red

The Red She Said l/s looks gorgeous; I wore it on one of my previous FOTDs. I am really tempted to buy it - its such a pretty pinkish red colour. However, I think to myself, I have a few red lippies and if I get this one, I might not even use it much since the others I've only used probably at most 5 times each. I thought I might able to find a suitable dupe for the 'look'. Here's my first attempt using a red lippie in hope that it might be similar.

What do you think?
I used...

All products by MAC unless stated otherwise ^_^

Olay Total Effects 7x
Studio Fix Fluid NC25

Springsheen blush

Plushlash Plushblack Mascara

Port Red l/s
Love Alert dazzleglass


  1. that lipgloss is amazing, hu showed it to u?? its so cool, i rele like its shine :D xxx

  2. loool... yes, yes... you chose it for me :) ♥

  3. ike the red ips... thanks for visiting the blog.


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