LOOK: Glowing with So Ceylon

I wanted to play with one of my newly acquired items, specifically, So Ceylon MSF. So here's the simple bronzy look I've made!

All products by MAC unless stated otherwise ^_^

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer 40 Neutral to Tan
Maybelline Purestay Powder in Pure Ivory
So Ceylon MSF on cheeks (with the 109 brush to get it to show up!)

Only Plushlash Mascara!

Naked Space l/g


  1. I love the make up on ur cheeks, make the high cheek bones stand out right?

  2. yup :D to do that, I do the 'fishy face' by sucking my cheeks in, so that shows my cheek bones where I apply the bronzer.. =) I do that for my blushes too to make my cheek bones appear higher also ♥


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