Selfridges + Boots Mini-haul

As the post title says, I've done a small bit of shopping today, where I bought my Petticoat Mineralized Skinfinish from MAC at Selfridges in Oxford Street and my Too Faced Shadow Insurance from the Boots shop at Piccadilly Circus. It wasn't just me who did a bit of shopping - I was with my boyfriend who had to exchange something at the Apple store at Regent Street. Aside from swapping cables, he also got himself his own treat from the Apple store. After shopping, we had dinner at this Vietnamese restaurant where we ate once before, at Chinatown - I just keep forgetting the restaurant's name!

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Petticoat is my first MSF. I used to wonder what was so good about the MSF's - since I know a lot of people looove and collect these. So I went to the store with curiosity and swatched it on the back of my hand - and OMG it is really pretty! Petticoat's a frosty pink colour with gold shimmer - it can be used as a highlight colour, but with this pigmentation, I can see it being used as a blush! I really can't wait to try it on my cheeks!

Here's a close-up of it:

I also swatched So Ceylon and Soft and Gentle MSF's (I rubbed them away before I thought of taking a photo of them), but I thought Petticoat was the prettiest of the 3 (and I'm a sucker for pinks too :o) so that's what I got.

About TFSI, I've been having problems with my eyeshadow creasing during the day. I have been using MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot as an eyeshadow base, but sadly it creases on me :( I've been researching on the internet for a product that could sort this problem out and the most popular ones I've found were Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I found out that TFSI was more creamy in consistency compared to UDPP and TFSI's tube container was a lot better than the UDPP genie bottle which apparently needs 'surgery' cutting open the bottle to get most of the hidden product out. However, TFSI was a bit more expensive than UDPP - but I didn't want the hassle of cutting open the UDPP bottle so I bought that one instead. I hope TFSI works for me!

After shopping and the dinner, G and I went over to Laura's flat where she had her early birthday/house-warming party! :)

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