Manish Arora MAC Haul

I knew that MAC was launching its Manish Arora collection at Harrod's today, so straight after my firms at Chelsea and Westminster hospital, I head straight for Knightsbridge!

Thinking of the colours I liked, colours I'm likely to wear and my bank account too of course, I ended up with the following items:

Girl About Town lipstick, Pink Manish lipglass and Pink Swoon blush.

Although Girl About Town and Pink Swoon are also in the permanent line, I've been wanting to get these for ages, but now that they're out in special packaging, why not get them now?

Pink Manish, however like the rest of the collection, is a limited edition colour. Its a very pretty pink, somewhat a hot pink when i swatch it, with multi-coloured glitter.

I'm really happy about my purchases (the pinks). Only thing I hope I wont do is regret not getting some of the other stuff (the reds)!

Devil blush was really tempting as it was a really unique shade - an intense red-orange blusher. But yea, I found it way too intense to actually wear in a look... maybe if applied in tiny amounts, it might look good.. but oh well.

Kiss Manish lipstick was calling to me as it was a really pretty frosty mid-tone burnt red as it is described on the website. I love MAC's frost lipsticks, but I only limited myself to one lipstick - and I don't regret getting Girl About Town instead. But Kiss Manish really is pretty!

I didn't bother trying Shine Manish on since I already decided I was getting the pinks, so I can't really say much about it. And I guess its also a good thing I didn't look at it so I don't think about it anymore! :P

The Manish Arora Eyeshadow Palette was really pretty and had a diversity of 6 really vibrant colours, however, I thought that I might not really use the colours much (as bright as they are) and that I also prefer my eyeshadows in round pots rather than in rectangular palettes.

So that's my haul and thoughts on the products of the collection, and thoughts justifying not buying those I didn't get! (and I'm quite proud I was able to resist the palette.)

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