Manish Arora for MAC Product Photos

Eyes on Manish Palette:

Girl About Town & Kiss Manish lipsticks:

Pink Manish & Shine Manish lipglasses:

Devil and Pink Swoon blushes:

Everything from this collection just looks gorgeous!! Most especially the palette!

Credits: Specktra.net


  1. Liv, u had me worried! :O i thought, why'd Liv disappear frm Facebook. phew, when i saw u are still posting here, i feel more relieved. you okii?

    :P lots of MAC products! hhaaha

  2. yea.. loads of mac stuff hehe.. mm.. i just thought of taking a break off facebook for a while =) too much drama haha. but, i might get back soon. i'll still be posting here tho!! and lookin at your blog too :) xoxox

  3. mm, if u need to talk abt it, let me knw yea.. just email me or sth. :S drama huh.. >___< hope ur okii tho :) i shall be checking here for updates xxx

  4. yea.. drama.. but i'm alright though =) thanks sherpie.. xoxo how are you? you good?.. hehe xx

  5. Hi Princess Livia,
    Ooo I love the swoon blush!


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