Golden Yellow Dress

I went to this clothes shop today called Mags today at the SM City Davao Mall. The store just had so many clothes to choose from! But bearing in mind I, too, already have a lot of clothes at my own personal shop in my closet (:p), I only really looked for stuff that I know I don't have anything similar. I was with my aunt, a cousin's cousin and my bro. Here are a few photos of the dress I was eyeing!

And one up close, so you can see the silver bling the dress has!

My brother thought the dress by itself made me look like a yellow bell, and I came to realise that too. However, my ever-stylish Aunt Pinky thought of trying a belt with it, so I chose the brown one, and it doesn't look so bad :)

I'm still thinking about it though... and I need help too. What do you think? ♥


  1. Buy it u look so hot!!!! I like the belt too! xxxxx

  2. wahh, liv, i love the dress!
    especially the neckline!

  3. sherp n g, thanks :D I fink i mite go back to the shop and hope its still there!! xx thanks for the help!! :D ♥ xxxxx


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