LOOK: An Illegal Cargo of Satellite Dreams

I wanted to use the purple shadows I was able to get from HK! :) So here's the purple look I did today:

Here's the stuff I used: (All MAC unless otherwise noted)

Maybelline PureStay in Pure Ivory on face + Neck with 182 Brush
Dainty Mineralize Blush with 182 Brush

Eyes: (all shadows with the 275 Brush!)
Bare Study (shiny yellow-toned cream) pp as a base
Illegal Cargo (silver purple) e/s on lid
Satellite Dreams (purple) e/s on outer V and contour
Vanilla (glittery white) e/s from Fafi Eyes Quad 1 on swept on the brow bone, also to blend shadow
Black eye kohl on lower waterline
Plushlash Plushblack Mascara

Loveknot Lustreglass


  1. ur eyes are so pretty! contacts!! :D
    oh, i m in qatar now and last night i saw a M.A.C. shop. i know u would love it and probably wana own the shop and not come out :P

  2. thank you sherpie!!! yea, I ♥ my contacts :D you're in qatar now?? for how long? i thot u wer at NZ! but yea.. ur right ;) I would really love to own the store and neva come out! lol :p

  3. Ooo this is so pretty! I like your contacts!

  4. thanks lydia!! :D i really like my new contacts toooo :) ♥

  5. yeap, i am in qatar for 6 motnhs, and goin nz in feb,


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