Photoshoot Day

Today was quite a hectic/tiring day. My mum's model, Ursula, & I went to have studio photos taken for our clinic ads/billboards, etc. today. It was really quite stressful...

We met at the Hair Studio salon at Gaisano Mall and had our hair and makeup done there. I had my hair roots coloured too so my hair's pretty much the same light brown but just a bit retouched. I had my nails done too heheh. After that we had our first batch of photos (that's right... there was another batch) taken at Yoyong Palima's Photography Studio which was in the same mall. We meant to go to Lito Sy's (another photography studio) in that same mall but Ray, the photographer we were looking for wasn't there, so we went to Yoyong's instead.

However, after that, we found out that Ray was Ursula's boyfriend's friend and he knew where he was. We head for Ray's photography studio, but it turned out he was doing a photoshoot in Manila. We then just decided to have the second batch of photos done at Lito Sy at the SM City Davao Mall which was nearby.

I will be editing this post with some of the photos we had done once they've been released :) so stay tuned~! :D


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