Makeup Brush Cleanser Recipe

I finally got to make my own effective makeup brush cleanser. It’s pretty simple. All the ingredients can be easily found in your home, or if not, in the grocery (where I got most of mine). I used the following:

1. ½ cup distilled water
2. ¼ cup alcohol
3. ½ tbsp Baby Shampoo
4. 1 tbsp Spray Leave-on Conditioner (Liquid)
5. ½ tsp dishwashing liquid (thick, not watery type)

I used a beaker as a container to mix all the ingredients with, minimizing bubbles. Then I carefully poured the mixture into my plastic container. You can also use a funnel to help lessen the volume you spill when moving the mixture into the container. Otherwise just do as I do and carefully pour without the funnel!

My new brushes are now happy - all clean and better-smelling.

Many thanks EnKore!

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