MAC Electroflash Swatches + Review

I met up with G today and we went to Selfridges to see the new MAC collection. Here are a few swatches of the products they had:

Overall, I think most of the lipsticks that came out in MAC Electroflash are quite dupe-able. I only really liked one of them, which was Fast Thrill although it was a lot similar to one of the lipsticks I already had.

Vanity's Child was a bit too pale. When I swatched it, it almost looked like a much shinier version of my skin colour. It seemed too sheer and I didn't bother try it on. (or maybe I should have?..)

Fast Thrill in my opinion, was the prettiest of the lot. Although when I swatched it, it was pretty similar to Bombshell but only on the peachy side. I loved the frost and shimmer on this one, and this one I decided to get. I used Back2Mac for this.

Dangerously Hot was just a deep brownish red on me, and it was just a bit too brown. I don't think it was really my colour.

Mellow Mood was, as it's called, a bit mellow - on the sheer side IMO. A bit dark dirty pink and slightly purple.

Here are a few swatches of the MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos:

The colours seemed quite ordinary when I swatched them, and they were really shimmery. The golden sparkles didn't really appeal to me.

I also swatched a few of the MAC Sonic Chic Mineralize Blushes. They are quite sheer to apply and therefore quite difficult to get swatches of. However, like the eyeshadow duos, they just had too much gold microglitter for me.

Here's a photo of my Fast Thrill lipstick.

The makeup artist actually didn't let me have the lipstick's box, but for photo purposes, I used one of my other lipsticks' boxes. :)

I guess my wallet was really happy I didn't spend a single penny today. Thank you Back2Mac!!

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