Day 1: Rai Rai Ken Japanese Food + Shopping + Sleep

I didn’t sleep when I got back home, my mom, sis and lil bro woke up and the 5 of us had cheese with crackers & honey for breakfast –yuuuum, gourmet style! :P Well, apparently we didn’t have much breakfast food at home since parents still had to do groceries, but I wasn’t complaining with this food!

It was Sunday, so we went to church for the 9:30AM mass. After that, we had lunch at Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant in the SM Davao Mall. Dad was telling me about this new dish with unagi (Japanese Eel) that was really tasty at that restaurant so he wanted me to try it. It’s called the Dragon Roll (or something like that). I saw it and it did look quite nice. I took a bite and thought ‘this white thing’s a bit weird, it doesn’t really taste of anything I had in a Japanese restaurant before…’ but it was good so I took another piece. Dad was eating the rest, but when it came to the last piece of sushi, I was so shocked to see the shrimp’s tail on the other side of it! So that white thing was shrimp! I’m supposed to be allergic to crustaceans (that includes shrimp, crab, lobsters,…) and why I didn’t recognize the shrimp when I ate it was because I don’t usually eat it at Japanese restaurants! I was really surprised my dad didn’t tell me either, I guess I don’t think he realized it was shrimp either? Or maybe he forgot about my allergy... hmm.

But my mum was ready though, she always brings anti-histamines (well most of the time) and I took one. However, after eating the shrimp, I didn’t have urticaria nor conjunctivitis and definitely not the dreaded anaphylaxis; I didn’t even get a headache. Does this mean I’ve outgrown my allergy??... If I have, then… that would be amazing 

Well, it’s not just that we ate in the restaurant. We had this huge Sushi Boat with a selection of sushi, Miso soup, a bit of Pork Katsudon, Sukiyaki (I think that’s what it was called), California Maki, and Salmon Sashimi.

After eating, the family went grocery shopping, so we bought food & I was able to get ingredients for my brush cleaner I’m going to make later on. After buying food for home, we went to the mall’s branch of Mango, which had a huge sale! My mom and I were able to get stuff for ourselves.

When we got back, unsurprisingly, I dropped on the bed. I probably went to REM (Random Eye Movement) sleep stage so fast due to sleep-deprivation. Haha. I woke up just 4 hours later though coz it was time for dinner.

We had left over sushi and my mom’s Penne spaghetti. Note to self: Western & Eastern Oriental food do NOT mix.


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