Loads of people think that MAC's Bombshell l/s is a dupe for the LE Fast Thrill which I had a lip swatch of previously, but I really disagree. Bombshell is more of a blue-pink compared to the more rosy/coral Fast Thrill.

So here is Bombshell:

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Lip Swatch: Bombshell l/s

I've already used this lipstick in a previous fotd, but its my favourite l/s at the moment... so here's a lip swatch of the gorgeous rosey-pink frost that is MAC's Fast Thrill lipstick!

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Lip Swatch: Fast Thrill l/s

I finally got to make my own effective makeup brush cleanser. It’s pretty simple. All the ingredients can be easily found in your home, or if not, in the grocery (where I got most of mine). I used the following:

1. ½ cup distilled water
2. ¼ cup alcohol
3. ½ tbsp Baby Shampoo
4. 1 tbsp Spray Leave-on Conditioner (Liquid)
5. ½ tsp dishwashing liquid (thick, not watery type)

I used a beaker as a container to mix all the ingredients with, minimizing bubbles. Then I carefully poured the mixture into my plastic container. You can also use a funnel to help lessen the volume you spill when moving the mixture into the container. Otherwise just do as I do and carefully pour without the funnel!

My new brushes are now happy - all clean and better-smelling.

Many thanks EnKore!

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Makeup Brush Cleanser Recipe

Justin (my brother) & I were riding the Emirates Airline, which I have been loyal to for the last 2 years I think, and because of my frequent flying with them, I was awarded a Silver Skywards membership card. This card was amazing! My brother & I were able to cut so many queues. From checking in and getting our boarding passes, to the actual boarding on the planes – we had pretty much no hassle.

I got quite excited to get to the MAC shop in the Heathrow airport too. After probably 30mins to an hour of deciding what to get, I ended up with MAC Dainty Mineralized Powder Blush & MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow with the Neo Sci Fi bright orange packaging. I was also eye-ing Rollickin’ paint pot, Blackground paint pot & Nuance Mineralized Powder blush, but I thought that since I was stopping over at Dubai, I would be able to buy them from there. But much to my disappointment, they didn’t have Nuance nor Rollickin’ at the Dubai Airport! Rollickin’ paint pot was LE from the Fafi collection, and Nuance wasn’t there since the Sonic Chic collection wasn’t out there, along with Electroflash & New View. This really got me quite sad. I really should stick to the ‘Get it now or you’ll regret it’ shopping motto…

But anyway, I’m still happy with my mini-haul. Dainty Mineralized Powder Blush did have loads of gold sparkles as I’ve said before. But the colour is just soo pretty. It reminds me of Shy Beauty from the beauty powder blush collection, but with just more colour pay off since Shy Beauty didn’t show up on me at all, or was quite difficult to get it to show. Hmmm... and I have to say this realisation: Lighting at Selfridges sucks. I wasn’t able to see the colours properly so that’s probably why I didn’t get of these blushes any the last time.

I’ve also been wanting Expensive Pink eyeshadow for quite a while now even if it is in the permanent collection. The Pink-Orange duochrome is just so pretty and especially with the rich soft velvety texture.

I have no regrets with my hauls, and the only ones are of those I didn’t buy! :’( Well, anyway, I might see them when I go to Hong Kong. Just have to keep my hopes up.

Just before going to the departure gate at Heathrow, Justin and I were in a mood for a snack. We saw Yo! Sushi there so that's where we decided to eat! I was in the mood for the Pumpkin dish they had, but they were out of stock :s So we just had other dishes + the Custard-filled Pancake with raspberry dip dessert. Yummmm~

On the 2 international plane rides I had (London Heathrow – Dubai – Manila), I was able to watch these 2 movies which I would really want to see again. I watched 27 Dresses and St. Trinians. Both movies were quite girly, but even if guys watched them, I think they would still be great!

When I got to Manila (about 10:30PM), I still had another plane to ride to Davao, whereas my brother had to stay at Manila for a few days to sort out his visa application. Chaos happened as I accidentally left my wallet on the shuttle that transports people from the international to the domestic airport. I took it out because I meant to count how much money I had, but since it was so light, I probably forgot about it and didn’t fell it drop when I got up! It was really dark in the shuttle too so I didn’t see it either. But with much relief, the really helpful airport guys were able to retrieve it for me. They said that the wallet probably looked like a toy so no one picked it up – I guess that’s a good thing…?

My cousins picked my brother up from the domestic airport, and I was left there at 1AM –ish to wait for my flight at 4:15. The boarding pass counters didn’t open until after 2:00. Eventually I got to the waiting area for the flight and was able to sit properly. I spent the time playing Sudoku on my brother’s Sudoku console thing, and listening to music on my iPod. At quarter to 4, I boarded the plane. And at 6:00AM, I was able to see my dad again! (who picked me up from the airport)

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The Trip Home

Here's a very simple look:

Black kohl-lined eyes - I lined my whole upper lash line & bottom lash line to bring out my almond eye-shape. MAC Sweetness beauty powder blush (I ♥ this blush!! It's a bright bluish-pink colour) on cheeks & L'oreal Strawberry Sorbet Glam Shine lipgloss (this is my favourite lipgloss too, for a light but visible baby pink colour).

This look somehow reminds me of Angelina Jolie's makeup look in Wanted. mmmm....
[edit] I know, it's probably just the black kohl-rimmed eyes.

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LOOK: Simple with Dark Eyes

I've only had it for a day, and I love MAC Fast Thrill! Here's a green face of the day (FOTD) I did today.

Using a damp sponge, I put my L'oreal True Match Foundation in W3 on my face. I used my MAC 266 brush to line my upper lid with 17 Eyeshadow in Green Shimmer. I lined the bottom lid with black kohl liner. I applied MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack. MAC Springsheen blush was buffed onto cheeks with MAC 182 brush, and MAC Fast Thrill lipstick was applied straight from the tube.

I returned the blue floral top today, and did some shopping with my bro. We were able to get him this really nice v-neck jumper with thin black and white stripes. The weather was pretty bad though, quite a wet day.

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LOOK: Green Eyes and Coral Lips

I met up with G today and we went to Selfridges to see the new MAC collection. Here are a few swatches of the products they had:

Overall, I think most of the lipsticks that came out in MAC Electroflash are quite dupe-able. I only really liked one of them, which was Fast Thrill although it was a lot similar to one of the lipsticks I already had.

Vanity's Child was a bit too pale. When I swatched it, it almost looked like a much shinier version of my skin colour. It seemed too sheer and I didn't bother try it on. (or maybe I should have?..)

Fast Thrill in my opinion, was the prettiest of the lot. Although when I swatched it, it was pretty similar to Bombshell but only on the peachy side. I loved the frost and shimmer on this one, and this one I decided to get. I used Back2Mac for this.

Dangerously Hot was just a deep brownish red on me, and it was just a bit too brown. I don't think it was really my colour.

Mellow Mood was, as it's called, a bit mellow - on the sheer side IMO. A bit dark dirty pink and slightly purple.

Here are a few swatches of the MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos:

The colours seemed quite ordinary when I swatched them, and they were really shimmery. The golden sparkles didn't really appeal to me.

I also swatched a few of the MAC Sonic Chic Mineralize Blushes. They are quite sheer to apply and therefore quite difficult to get swatches of. However, like the eyeshadow duos, they just had too much gold microglitter for me.

Here's a photo of my Fast Thrill lipstick.

The makeup artist actually didn't let me have the lipstick's box, but for photo purposes, I used one of my other lipsticks' boxes. :)

I guess my wallet was really happy I didn't spend a single penny today. Thank you Back2Mac!!

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MAC Electroflash Swatches + Review

Here's a lip swatch of Rimmel Sun Queen lipgloss on MAC Sunsonic lipstick.
I love this combo!!

.... sorry for the uneven application. I'll try better next time.

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Lip Swatch: Sunsonic + Sun Queen

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