NYX Pure Decadence Butter Gloss Set Review, Swatches

Smooth and silky, NYX Butter Lip Glosses taste as sweet as chocolate and leave your lips looking luscious. With these goodies, the perfect pout is just a glide away. Swipe it alone or over your favorite lipstick for creamy sheer to medium coverage.

Late last year, NYX came out with two limited edition sets of three sumptuous butter glosses - Pure Decadence (vampy, chocolate shades) and Sugar Rush (sweet, candy land shades). These glosses can also be purchased individually. Here's Pure Decadence:

NYX Pure Decadence Butter Gloss Set Review, Swatches Red Velvet

NYX Pure Decadence Butter Gloss Set Review, Swatches, Tiramisu
Tiramisu: Nude Beige

NYX Pure Decadence Butter Gloss Set Review, Swatches, Red Velvet
Red Velvet: cool toned Red, blue undertone 

NYX Pure Decadence Butter Gloss Set Review, Swatches, Devil's Foodcake
Devil's Food Cake: Dark Berry

NYX Pure Decadence Butter Gloss Set Review, Swatches, Devil's Foodcake

I chose to get Pure Decadence over Sugar Rush because I usually go dark on my lips. Darker shades tend to complement my tan complexion (NC35) more. The nude Tiramisu was surprisingly a suitable shade for me. It was more like a skin color nude than a pink nude. The shades of this set were also more "toned down" and therefore wearable to me as opposed to the light and vibrant colours of the Sugar Rush set.

Generally, I'm not a fan of lipgloss as I find it too sticky and greasy. These glosses are supposedly "non-stick"; and compared to other products that I have tried, they very well are. Overall, I would recommend this set or any of these shades to all you lovers of gloss. I honestly will not wear them often; but when I do decide that my lips need a little shining, I know which lipglosses to use.

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This week's edit is about the subtle no makeup makeup look combined with long-wearing bases to combat oiliness and shine brought about by the surging unregulated central heating temperatures at work.

It's here y'all! Late last year, I heard rumors of a Miley Cyrus and MAC Cosmetics collaboration. I was so excited since Miley was my childhood idol (huge Hannah Montana fan here). If you are not familiar with Viva Glam, it is a special line by MAC Cosmetics where in every cent of the selling price goes toward helping people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. They usually have collaborations with celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and now an all-grown-up Miley Cyrus.

Promotional Posters (photo credit to Capricho)

Viva Glam Miley Cyrus is a creamy hot pink lipstick; almost like a barbie pink. Initially when I looked at the promotional poster, I thought it would be too pink for me. But this lipstick proved to be wearable and is actually a great color for spring and summer. It is very pigmented - a little goes a long way. The product's consistency is extremely creamy; it glides on your lips like butter. It is long lasting (3 hours in and it was still the same vivid color). I do have to warn you though that because of it's consistency, it is prone to teeth stain. And on that note, it also leaves a pink stain when removed. I would definitely recommend this lipstick. I think that it is versatile and it will suite all skin colors.

Rating: 9/10 

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How to Depot MAC Blushes The Easy Way

Do you have a mountain of blushes and yet only use a few? Do you suffer from buyer's regret or remorse that some blushes have gone unloved?

As much as I enjoy looking at my blush collection in the pots, I realised I have not been using them as much as my NARS blush palette. I knew I had a lot of beautiful shades as they became favourites for months after the purchase but for some reason I just haven't been reaching for them. 

How to Cope When You Hate Your Hair

Do you know what its like to feel uncomfortable with a new do? A couple of weeks ago I walked into my usual hairstylist overseas with my almost 2 foot long slightly wavy tresses and decided on a whim for a shorter chop with curls. The perm I am used to but at this length (just below the shoulders) I am not. With my short fluffy curly hair accentuating the roundness of my face, looking in the mirror actually reminds me of Betty Boop. And while the hair looks fabulous on her as a cartoon character, I don't think it flatters me at all in real life. Thinking of solutions to make my hair a little bit more bearable, I've come up with the following ideas.

How to Cope When You Hate Your Hair


1. Identify what you don't like about your new hair. 

Is it the length, the cut, the style or the colour? In my case, I dislike the combination of curls and shorter hair.

2. Treat the problem.

Length = Try extensions
Cut = Contact your hairstylist and get a different style
Style = Straighten curls or curl straight hair.
Colour = After giving your hair enough time to rest, re-colour it. Preferably with the help of a professional hairdresser.

3. Work with what you have and experiment.

I found that clipping the top half of my hair back or keeping the hair away from my face looks better than my hair down. I've been experimenting with ponytails and hair buns - they actually look fab!

4. Learn from your mistakes.

Remember your mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Fortunately for most of us, hair grows back and the disaster you are facing now will eventually pass. I can't wait until my hair grows longer to fit the curls, but for now I've invested in a new GHD hair straightener that I am very excited to use and blog about. It's time this beauty blogger actually learns the art of hair straightening!

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Kylie Jenner's make up look was hailed the most sought-after of 2014. The beauty community went crazy and came up with a lot of brilliant tutorials on how to get the look. So here's me joining the bandwagon and doing my own take on the look, modelled by my best friend (and favourite make up canvas), Dionna.

Essie nail polish haul swatches red

As much as I adore my favourite red Rimmel nail polish that I have been using for the last 8 years, I believe its time to revamp my nail winter wardrobe. I chose none other than Essie to provide me with the rich berry hues that are so 'in' for the fall and winter season.

A few months back, the team behind Modere was kind enough to send me a beauty box with all of these luxurious items. A little intro on the company: Modere offers a category of lifestyle essentials, personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed. Each Beauty Box has free samples, and if a customer doesn't like it, they can simply return the full-sized versions, so its completely risk-free. With all that said, here is my review on the products - my honest opinions, as always.

Did you know that zesty citrus scents can help you feel awake and more alert in the morning? If you hit the shower first thing in your post-slumber routine and you find it so hard to mentally wake up in the morning, Anatomicals Soap From Your Favourite Eastenders Bath Bar is your friend!
Time to get your nose in top shape for the holiday season and I mean blasting blackheads away with Anatomicals World Pore 3.